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The design of a photonic alloy with topological properties

 Physics General News
 19 June 2024
Photonic alloys, alloy-like materials combining two or more photonic crystals, are promising candidates for the development of structures that control the propagation of electromagnetic waves, also known as waveguides. Despite their potential, these materials typically reflect light back in the...

New theory broadens phase transition exploration

 Physics General News
 18 June 2024
In a paper recently published in Physical Review Letters, Los Alamos National Laboratory researchers offer a new theory that predicts defect density across a variety of phase transitions. The research opens new routes for the exploration of defect formation in fields such as materials science,...

Researchers film energy materials as they form

 Nanotechnology News
 18 June 2024
Shooting a movie in the lab requires special equipment. Especially when the actors are molecules -- invisible to the naked eye -- reacting with each other. 'Imagine trying to film tiny lava flows during a volcanic eruption. Your smartphone camera wouldn't be up to the job....

M, M and M

 Mathematics - Research News
 18 June 2024
If you are given the mean, median and mode of five positive whole numbers, can you find the numbers?...