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Welcome to the World Cup!

 Mathematics - General News
 22 November 2022
Amidst all the controversy of the FIFA World Cup 2022 there is also some football to be played. And where there's football, there's maths... ...

What is a square?

 Mathematics - General News
 31 October 2022
If a shape has equal sides with 90 degree angles between them then it's a square, right? Well, not quite... ...

An easier way to teach robots new skills

 Mathematics - General News
 25 April 2022
Researchers have developed a technique that enables a robot to learn a new pick-and-place task with only a handful of human demonstrations. This could allow a human to reprogram a robot to grasp never-before-seen objects, presented in random poses, in about 15 minutes. ...

Chaos theory provides hints for controlling the weather

 Mathematics - General News
 28 March 2022
Researchers have used computer simulations to show that weather phenomena such as sudden downpours could potentially be modified by making small adjustments to certain variables in the weather system. They did this by taking advantage of a system known as a 'butterfly attractor' in chaos theory,...

Knowing when to quit

 Mathematics - General News
 21 March 2022
Whether you are a bird hunting caterpillars or a neuron processing information, the marginal value theorem helps you maximise your bang per buck. ...