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Researcher turns one of the basic rules of construction upside down

 Mathematics - General News
 11 July 2023
Structural engineers are familiar with seventeenth-century scientist Robert Hooke's theory that a hanging chain will mirror the shape of an upstanding rigid arch. However, new research now shows that this common-held belief is incorrect because, regardless of the similarities, the hanging chain and...

GPT detectors can be biased against non-native English writers

 Mathematics - General News
 10 July 2023
Researchers show that computer programs commonly used to determine if a text was written by artificial intelligence tend to falsely label articles written by non-native language speakers as AI-generated. The researchers caution against the use of such AI text detectors for their unreliability, which...

Number cruncher calculates whether whales are acting weirdly

 Mathematics - General News
 06 July 2023
We humans can be a scary acquaintance for whales in the wild. This includes marine biologists tagging them with measuring devices to understand them better. These experiences can make whales behave erratically for a while. Such behaviour can affect research quality and highlights an animal ethics...

Deciphering the thermodynamic arrow of time in large-scale complex networks

 Mathematics - General News
 05 July 2023
A solution for temporal asymmetry -- or entropy production -- in thermodynamics has been developed to further our understanding of the behavior of biological systems, machine learning, and AI tools. The researchers worked on the time-irreversible Ising model dynamics caused by asymmetric connections...

A very old problem turns 30!

 Mathematics - General News
 23 June 2023
Andrew Wiles's proof of Fermat's Last Theorem solved a centuries-old problem by opening a door onto the future of mathematics. ...

The lungs of the Earth

 Mathematics - General News
 09 May 2023
How can maths help to understand the Southern Ocean, a vital component of the Earth's climate system? ...