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Contagious maths

 Mathematics - General News
 12 February 2024
How does maths help in tackling infectious diseases? Join Julia Gog to find out in this series of videos and articles, and have a go at modelling diseases yourself! ...

Mathematics supporting fresh theoretical approach in oncology

 Mathematics - General News
 04 December 2023
Mathematics, histopathology and genomics converge to confirm that the most aggressive clear cell renal cell carcinomas display low levels of intratumour heterogeneity, i.e. they contain fewer distinct cell types. The study supports the hypothesis that it would be advisable to apply therapeutic...

The Plus advent calendar 2023

 Mathematics - General News
 01 December 2023
In this year's advent calendar we revisit some of our favourite episodes of our Maths on the move podcast. From the maths of chocolate to the maths of music, there's something here for everyone! ...

Climate change: How can maths help?

 Mathematics - General News
 29 November 2023
As COP28, the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference, kicks off we look at how maths can help understand the climate crisis. ...

New computer code for mechanics of tissues and cells in three dimensions

 Mathematics - General News
 20 November 2023
Biological materials are made of individual components, including tiny motors that convert fuel into motion. This creates patterns of movement, and the material shapes itself with coherent flows by constant consumption of energy. Such continuously driven materials are called 'active matter'. The...

Reverse engineering Jackson Pollock

 Mathematics - General News
 31 October 2023
Researchers combined physics and machine learning to develop a new 3D-printing technique that can quickly create complex physical patterns -- including replicating a segment of a Pollock painting -- by leveraging the same natural fluid instability that Pollock used in his work....