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Contact-tracing apps could improve vaccination strategies

 Mathematics - General News
 22 September 2021
Mathematical modeling of disease spread suggests that herd immunity could be achieved with fewer vaccine doses by using Bluetooth-based contact-tracing apps to identify people who have more exposure to others -- and targeting them for vaccination. ...

New mathematical solutions to an old problem in astronomy

 Mathematics - General News
 30 August 2021
The Bernese theoretical astrophysicist Kevin Heng has achieved a rare feat: On paper, he has derived novel solutions to an old mathematical problem needed to calculate light reflections from planets and moons. Now, data can be interpreted in a simple way to understand planetary atmospheres, for...

A universal equation for the shape of an egg

 Mathematics - General News
 27 August 2021
Researchers have discovered a universal mathematical formula that can describe any bird's egg existing in nature -- a significant step in understanding not only the egg shape itself, but also how and why it evolved, thus making widespread biological and technological applications possible. ...

Robot mimics the powerful punch of the mantis shrimp

 Mathematics - General News
 25 August 2021
Mantis shrimp pack the strongest punch of any creature in the animal kingdom. How mantis shrimp produce these deadly, ultra-fast movements has long fascinated biologists. Now, an interdisciplinary team of roboticists, engineers and biologists have modeled the mechanics of the mantis shrimp's punch...

Mathematicians build an algorithm to ‘do the twist’

 Mathematics - General News
 23 August 2021
Mathematicians have developed an algorithm to decipher the rotational dynamics of twisting particles in large complex systems from the X-ray scattering patterns observed in X-ray photon correlation spectroscopy experiments. ...