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Alternative statistical method could improve clinical trials

 Mathematics - Research News
 21 December 2021
An alternative statistical method honed and advanced by Cornell researchers can make clinical trials more reliable and trustworthy while also helping to remedy what has been called a "replicability crisis" in the scientific community....

The paradox of big data spoils vaccination surveys

 Mathematics - Research News
 08 December 2021
When Delphi-Facebook and the U.S. Census Bureau provided near-real time estimates of COVID-19 vaccine uptake last spring, their weekly surveys drew on responses from as many as 250,000 people....

A brief history of minimal surfaces and the ants that love them

 Mathematics - Research News
 17 November 2021
Consider a soap bubble. The way it contains the minimal possible surface area is surprisingly efficient. This is not a trivial issue. Mathematicians have been looking for better ways to calculate minimal surfaces for hundreds of years. Recently, Computer Science and Engineering Department Assistant...

When is a 'basin of attraction' like an octopus?

 Mathematics - Research News
 04 November 2021
Mathematicians who study dynamical systems often focus on the rules of attraction. Namely, how does the choice of the starting point affect where a system ends up? Some systems are easier to describe than others. A swinging pendulum, for example, will always land at the lowest point no matter where...

Pinpointing How Genes Interact

 Mathematics - Research News
 21 October 2021
Lorin Crawford explains how he uses math to analyze interactions between genes. Your DNA (the biological instruction manual in all of your cells) contains a mind-boggling amount of information represented in roughly 20,000 genes that encode proteins, plus a similar number of genes with other...