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New math approach provides insight into memory formation

 Mathematics - Research News
 05 December 2023
The simple activity of walking through a room jumpstarts the neurons in the human brain. An explosion of electrochemical events or "neuronal spikes" appears at various times during the action. These spikes in activity, otherwise known as action potentials, are electrical impulses that occur when...

How master chess players choose their opening gambits

 Mathematics - Research News
 16 November 2023
What influences the choices we make, and what role does the behavior of others have on these choices? These questions underlie many aspects of human behavior, including the products we buy, fashion trends, and even the breed of pet we choose as our companion....

The math problem that took nearly a century to solve

 Mathematics - Research News
 31 October 2023
We've all been there: staring at a math test with a problem that seems impossible to solve. What if finding the solution to a problem took almost a century? For mathematicians who dabble in Ramsey theory, this is very much the case. In fact, little progress had been made in solving Ramsey problems...

Flipped coins found not to be as fair as thought

 Mathematics - Research News
 11 October 2023
A large team of researchers affiliated with multiple institutions across Europe, has found evidence backing up work by Persi Diaconis in 2007 in which he suggested tossed coins are more likely to land on the same side they started on, rather than on the reverse. The team conducted experiments...