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Study breaks down science of sports betting

 Mathematics - Research News
 29 June 2023
It's a dilemma that many a regular bettor probably faces often—deciding when to place a sports bet. In a study entitled, "A statistical theory of optimal decision-making in sports betting," Jacek Dmochowski, Associate Professor in the Grove School of Engineering at The City College of New York,...

Giving Health Care Policy a Dose of Mathematics

 Mathematics - Research News
 05 April 2023
Imelda Flores Vazquez from Econometrica, Inc. explains how economists use mathematics to evaluate the efficacy of health care policies. When a hospital or government wants to adjust their health policies — for instance, by encouraging more frequent screenings for certain diseases — how do...

Using Math to Support Cancer Research

 Mathematics - Research News
 29 December 2022
Stacey Finley from University of Southern California discusses how mathematical models support the research of cancer biology. Cancer research is a crucial job, but a difficult one. Tumors growing inside the human body are affected by all kinds of factors. These conditions are difficult (if...

Keeping the Lights On

 Mathematics - Research News
 15 November 2022
Rodney Kizito from U.S. Department of Energy discusses solar energy, mathematics, and microgrids. When you flip a switch to turn on a light, where does that energy come from? In a traditional power grid, electricity is generated at large power plants and then transmitted long distances. But...

Driving Up Air Pollution

 Mathematics - Research News
 28 June 2022
Karen Rios Soto explains how mathematics illuminates the link between air pollution from motor vehicle emissions and asthma. Air pollution causes the premature deaths of an estimated seven million people each year, and it makes life worse for all of us. People with asthma can experience...

Deblurring Images

 Mathematics - Research News
 19 May 2022
Malena Espanol explains how she and others use linear algebra to correct blurry images. Imagine snapping a quick picture of a flying bird. The image is likely to come out blurry. But thanks to mathematics, you might be able to use software to improve the photo. Scientists often deal with...

Exploring Thermodynamics with Billiards

 Mathematics - Research News
 14 February 2022
Tim Chumley explains the connections between random billiards and the science of heat and energy transfer. If you've ever played billiards or pool, you've used your intuition and some mental geometry to plan your shots. Mathematicians have gone a step further, using these games as...

Pinpointing How Genes Interact

 Mathematics - Research News
 21 October 2021
Lorin Crawford explains how he uses math to analyze interactions between genes. Your DNA (the biological instruction manual in all of your cells) contains a mind-boggling amount of information represented in roughly 20,000 genes that encode proteins, plus a similar number of genes with other...

Securing Data in the Quantum Era

 Mathematics - Research News
 01 September 2021
Angela Robinson explains the math behind the next generation of cryptographic algorithms. Whenever you log in to a website, send an email, or make an online purchase, you're counting on your data being sent securely, without hackers being able to crack the code. Our standard cryptographic...