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Hybrid quantum bit based on topological insulators

 Quantum Physics News
 14 April 2022
With their superior properties, topological qubits could help achieve a breakthrough in the development of a quantum computer designed for universal applications. So far, no one has yet succeeded in unambiguously demonstrating a quantum bit, or qubit for short, of this kind in a lab. Scientists have...

Undersea detector proves it’s swell

 Quantum Physics News
 13 April 2022
Highly energetic particles called muons are ever present in the atmosphere and pass through even massive objects with ease. Sensitive detectors installed along the Tokyo Bay tunnel measure muons passing through the sea above them. This allows for changes in the volume of water above the tunnel to be...

Scientists find 'knob' to control magnetic behavior in quantum material

 Quantum Physics News
 12 April 2022
Magnetism, one of the oldest technologies known to humans, is at the forefront of new-age materials that could enable next-generation lossless electronics and quantum computers. Researchers have discovered a new 'knob' to control the magnetic behavior of one promising quantum material, and the...

In race to build quantum computing hardware, silicon begins to shine

 Quantum Physics News
 06 April 2022
Research conducted by Princeton University physicists is paving the way for the use of silicon-based technologies in quantum computing, especially as quantum bits—the basic units of quantum computers. This research promises to accelerate the use of silicon technology as a viable alternative to other...

Catalysts: The platinum riddle

 Quantum Physics News
 04 April 2022
Platinum is an important catalyst. But up until now, nobody know how exactly single platinum atoms behave during catalysis. ...

New deep inelastic scattering experiments measure two mirror nuclei

 Quantum Physics News
 31 March 2022
Scientists are holding up a "mirror" to protons and neutrons to learn more about the particles that build our visible universe. The MARATHON experiment, carried out at the U.S. Department of Energy's Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, has accessed new details about these particles'...