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Learning chemical networks give life a chiral twist

 Nanotechnology News
 26 April 2022
A study shows that the preference of biological molecules for left or right-handedness -- a hallmark of living matter -- could emerge spontaneously as prebiotic chemical networks adapt to optimize energy harvesting. The proposed mechanism of symmetry breaking is general and can apply to other...

Water processing: Light helps degrade hormones

 Nanotechnology News
 22 April 2022
Micropollutants in water often are hormones that accumulate in the environment and may have negative impacts on humans and animals. Researchers have now developed a process for the photocatalytic degradation of these pollutants when they flow through polymer membranes. Irradiation with light...

Researchers demonstrate label-free super-resolution microscopy

 Nanotechnology News
 21 April 2022
Researchers describe a new measurement and imaging approach that can resolve nanostructures smaller than the diffraction limit of light without requiring any dyes or labels. The work is a modification of laser scanning microscopy. It represents an important advance toward a new and powerful...

Molecular robots work cooperatively in swarms

 Nanotechnology News
 20 April 2022
Scientists have demonstrated that molecular robots are able to accomplish cargo delivery by employing a strategy of swarming, achieving a transport efficiency five times greater than that of single robots. ...