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Tattoo technique transfers gold nanopatterns onto live cells

 Nanotechnology News
 10 August 2023
For now, cyborgs exist only in fiction, but the concept is becoming more plausible as science progresses. And now, researchers are reporting that they have developed a proof-of-concept technique to 'tattoo' living cells and tissues with flexible arrays of gold nanodots and nanowires. With further...

Single drop of ethanol to revolutionize nanosensor manufacture

 Nanotechnology News
 04 August 2023
Engineers have developed a breakthrough technique to make the processing of nanosensors cheaper, greener and more effective by using a single drop of ethanol to replace heat processing of nanoparticle networks, allowing a wider range of materials to be used to make these sensors....

Nanorings: New building blocks for chemistry

 Nanotechnology News
 03 August 2023
Sandwich compounds are special chemical compounds used as basic building blocks in organometallic chemistry. So far, their structure has always been linear. Recently, researchers made stacked sandwich complexes form a nano-sized ring. Physical and other properties of these cyclocene structures will...

Cracking in lithium-ion batteries speeds up electric vehicle charging

 Nanotechnology News
 01 August 2023
Rather than being solely detrimental, cracks in the positive electrode of lithium-ion batteries reduce battery charge time, research shows. This runs counter to the view of many electric vehicle manufacturers, who try to minimize cracking because it decreases battery longevity....

Towards silver cluster-assembled materials for environmental monitoring

 Nanotechnology News
 27 July 2023
Silver cluster-assembled materials (SCAMs) are emerging light-emitting materials with molecular designability and unique properties. However, due to their dissimilar structural architecture in different solvents, their widespread application remains limited. Now, researchers have developed two new...