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Hidden distortions trigger promising thermoelectric property

 Nanotechnology News
 10 May 2022
A study describes a new mechanism for lowering thermal conductivity to aid the search for materials that convert heat to electricity or electricity to heat. Scientists describe the previously hidden sub-nanoscale origins of exceptional thermoelectric properties in silver gallium telluride. The...

'Smart' diaper for bedside urine testing

 Nanotechnology News
 05 May 2022
Urine can reveal a lot about a person's health. But physicians don't currently have a convenient or fast way of tracking the concentration of important compounds in their patients' urine. Now, researchers have designed a flexible sensor that fits in a diaper, measures multiple components in urine...

Process aims to strip ammonia from wastewater

 Nanotechnology News
 02 May 2022
Engineers have developed a high-performance nanowire catalyst that pulls ammonia and solid ammonia (fertilizer) from nitrate, a common contaminant in industrial wastewater and polluted groundwater. ...

Tangle no more, nanotubes

 Nanotechnology News
 27 April 2022
Scientists have developed an acid-based solvent that simplifies carbon nanotube processing in a way that's less toxic and easy to scale up for industrial applications. ...

Researchers develop a paper-thin loudspeaker

 Nanotechnology News
 26 April 2022
Researchers created an ultrathin loudspeaker that can turn any rigid surface into a high-quality, active audio source. The fabrication process can enable the thin-film devices to be produced at scale. ...