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Data-driven discovery of NbOI2 as a high performance layered piezoelectric

 Nanotechnology News
 05 August 2022
Piezoelectric materials can convert mechanical energy to electrical energy, and vice versa. In recent years, there has been growing interest in the search for two-dimensional (2D) layered piezoelectrics. Such layered van der Waals piezoelectrics are particularly useful for niche applications such as...

Researchers create flow-driven rotors at the nanoscale

 Nanotechnology News
 04 August 2022
Researchers from TU Delft have constructed the smallest flow-driven motors in the world. Inspired by iconic Dutch windmills and biological motor proteins, they created a self-configuring, flow-driven rotor from DNA that converts energy from an electrical or salt gradient into useful mechanical work....

Nano-sponges with potential for rapid wastewater treatment

 Nanotechnology News
 03 August 2022
Efficient adsorbents for industrial wastewater treatment are important to minimize potential environmental damage. In particular, organic dyes, as a significant group of industrial pollutants, are usually highly water soluble, non-degradable and many are toxic to carcinogenic. Changxia Li and Freddy...

Bringing consistency to methods of 2D material analysis

 Nanotechnology News
 01 August 2022
In materials science, the term "2D materials" refers to crystalline solids that consist of a single layer of atoms, with arguably the most famous example being graphene — a material made of a single layer of carbon atoms. These materials are promising for a wide range of applications including in...